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Planting Dahlia Tubers 101

Posted by Shelby Gamache on
Planting Dahlia Tubers 101

*All signs of frost should be gone before you begin planting. Freezing temperatures will kill your tubers. Check with your local extension office for guidance.

  1. Before you begin planting, be sure to choose a spot in your yard or garden that gets roughly 8 hours of full sunlight.

We recommend testing your soil. Because all soils and locations are different, a soil test will help you determine how your beds should be amended. You can find soil testing agencies in your community through your local extension office.

Dahlias perform best in slightly acidic soil with a PH of 6.3 to 6.5. These flowers require a fertilizer that is low in Nitrogen, too much nitrogen in your fertilizer can cause inadequate blooming.


  1. Once your beds are amended create double row planting beds. Place each tuber 12” – 18” apart in a single row and space rows at least 18”apart. For larger plants, like most dinner plate dahlias, we space tubers at 18” in the row.

Plant tubers 4” – 6” deep by laying the tuber horizontally, and be sure the eye is facing up. Your soil should be damp but not super wet. Do not water after planting, if tubers are too wet after planting they will rot and will not produce a plant.   

If you are planting multiple varieties in a row be sure to label each tuber with a wooden stake. Use a Garden Marker to write on the stake, Sharpie will wear off during the season.

Place drip line or soaker hoses over each row, but wait to water until plants are a few inches above of the ground.


  1. Lastly, spread Sluggo Plus over the area you just planted. Slugs and snails love to nibble on dahlia sprouts and Sluggo Plus will keep these pests away!

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