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FAQ's Dahlia Buckets

How Many Stems Come in a Bucket?

There will be 40 stems in each bucket. The majority of stems will have one bloom, occasionally there may be two blooms attached to a single stem. The blooms can range in size from 2-6 inches. Stem length will be around 12 inches. *Please note we do not offer any greens or filler.

Can I Choose the Varieties in My Bucket?

We ask that you request a color palette. For example, if you request a white bucket and a pink bucket all 40 stems in the white bucket will be white varieties, and all 40 stems in the pink bucket will be pink varieties.

How Do I Submit Payment?

Send an email to Shelby at to place an order. A $50 deposit is required to reserve your buckets. A PayPal invoice will be sent to you to submit a deposit. The remainder is due before pick up. 

How Many Buckets Will I Need?

It depends on how many arrangements you are wanting to make, and the size of each arrangement or bouquet. Typically, one bucket of dahlias can make 6-8 mason jar size arrangements (with greens, Columbia River Dahlias does not offer greens or filler).  

Can I Purchase Buckets of Dahlias to Practice for My Event?

Of course! You’re welcome to purchase a bucket (or a few) before your event to practice designing. We recommend practicing at least two weeks before your event. 

How Should I Transport My Buckets?

Dahlias cannot be transported in the back of a pick-up truck, car trunk, or in a vehicle without air-conditioning. It is best to coordinate pickup of 4 or more buckets with an SUV. 3-4 buckets can fit in the backseat of a sedan.
There will be water in each bucket, you may consider bringing a towel or tarp to help with splashing water. A cardboard box may also help stabilize buckets.

When Can I Pick Up My Buckets?

We recommend picking up your buckets the day before your event so they remain as fresh as possible. If needed, you are welcome to pick up buckets two days before your event.

I need less than 40 stems, can I still place an order?

Unfortunately, we are not accepting orders of less than 1 bucket (40 stems) at this time. If you’d like single bouquets please follow our social media accounts to find our flowers at our flower stand and local markets.  

How do I store dahlias until my event?

Dahlias need to be stored in a cool and shaded area. Avoid direct sunlight before your event, and remove from your vehicle as soon as possible. For best results, place dahlias in an air-conditioned room before and after your event.


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