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Hollyhill Black Beauty
Hollyhill Black Beauty
Hollyhill Black Beauty
Hollyhill Black Beauty

Hollyhill Black Beauty


Color: Burgundy

Description: Tall plants with nice long stems. Blooms are a deep burgundy with red undertone and produce all season long. Great cut flower.

Flower Size: 6"

Plant Height: 4.5'

Growing Dahlias


  • Dahlias love sun. Find a spot with at least 8 hours of sunlight.
  • Your area should have well drained soil. Water should not sit on top of the ground after a heavy rain.


  • Do not plant tubers until after your last spring frost. Check with your county extension office to find frost dates.
  • Dig a hole 4”- 6” deep. Place one tuber per hole horizontally with the eye facing up, cover with soil.
  • Do not water tubers until they are approximately 6” tall. Too much water will cause rot and your tuber will not grow.
  • Spread Sluggo Plus over the area you just planted. Slugs and snails are dahlia killers. Be sure to reapply once a month through the season.


  • Once plants 6” tall you can begin watering regularly. Drip line or soaker hoses are recommended to achieve deep watering.
  • When plants reach 18” it is time to give them a hard pinch. Pinching promotes branching and will give you more blooms. Snip 3”- 4” out of the center stalk right above the next leaf set.
  • Staking your dahlias is also recommended for long straight stems and to prevent your plants from wind/weather damage. We use the corralling method, but you can also stake individual plants if you have just a handful.


  • The more you cut, the more dahlias you will grow. Cut stems a minimum of 12” long, long cuts produce more long stems.
  • Early morning (before 9 AM), is the best time to cut dahlias and will be crucial for a longer vase life.
  • Take a bucket of water out to the field with you and place dahlias directly into water after cutting.
  • Depending on size and form, most dahlias will last 4-6 days in a vase. Be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight and refresh vase water daily.
Shipping & Returns

Currently, we are only shipping within the United States. Tubers will be shipped early-April 2021, weather permitting.

We care about quality, our dahlias have been inspected by the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) prior to shipment. To ensure dahlia tubers do not freeze in shipment, we will not ship until nighttime lows are above freezing.

Shipping and handling on all orders (no quantity limit) will be $15.

Local Pickup:
If you live in the Tri-Cities area we will have 2 dates available for local pickup. If you are unable to pickup on either of these dates please have your order shipped. Use discount code KENNEWICK21 at checkout. 

  • March 31, 2021   8:00 AM - 1:00 PM in Kennewick, WA
  • April 10, 2021   8:00 AM - 1:00 PM in Kennewick, WA


Columbia River Dahlia tubers will arrive with at least one viable eye and will be true to picture. Please be sure to contact us within 7 days of receiving your order if you have any concerns.  We care about your satisfaction with our tubers, please understand that weather, growing conditions, or pest damage are beyond on our control  and we are unable to give refunds. Shipping and handling are non-refundable.