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Step-By-Step Guide to Planting Dahlias

Posted by Shelby Gamache on
Step-By-Step Guide to Planting Dahlias
Platning dahlia tubers
Watch this video for a quick tutorial on planting dahlias.  

  1. Before you plant, be sure all signs of frost have passed. Your ground temperature should be above 55º. You can use a  thermometer to gauge ground temperature, be sure to measure temp at 4-6” deep.
  2. Your soil should be damp, but not soaked. Too much moisture will cause the tuber to rot before it forms a plant. If needed, amend your soil with compost or fertilizer 1-2 weeks before you plant. 
  3. Dig a hole 4-6” deep and place one tuber horizontally in the ground with the eye facing up. If you can’t identify an eye don’t worry, the eye will find the surface on its own. Cover tuber with dirt. 
  4. Do Not Water! Unless your ground is very dry, there is no need to water yet. Wait until the plant has emerged before you turn your dripline on. If you don’t have dripline or soaker hoses, an overhead sprinkler will work as well (but you’ll likely be fighting more weeds!). 
  5. Lastly, spread SluggoPlus. Slugs and snails love dahlia foliage and will have it destroyed before you even knew it had emerged😢. Spread SluggoPlus the week after you plant and once a month throughout the season. This product also helps keep away other pests, like earwigs. 


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